Artist’s Showcase 2022

Find out more about the selected artists for In:Site 2022: their work, processes, materials and their participatory projects with people in Cathedral Square, Birmingham.

Download the booklet to find out more about the event.

An table-like structure holds a surface covered in ceramic 'moss'.

Anna Cebular

Exploring our relationship to wild spaces.

A woman wears a headpiece.

Nicola Constantina

Wearable artworks, telling stories.

Abstract ceramic shapes.

Hannah Fellows

Abstract sculptural ceramics.

Woven fabric with a geometric and natural coloured design.

Andrea Gonzales

Exploring place and origin in woven and printed textiles.

A delicate woven piece.

Sarah J Harper

Woven textiles using traditional craft techniques with contemporary yarns.

A hand loom with woven fabric.

Michaela Johnston

Woven textiles, sustainability, past and future ways of working.

A hand with a large ring made of bright feather or leaf shapes.

Yuka Jourdain

Investigating biodiversity and the loss of UK bird species.

The artist holds an abstract textile form.

Mahawa Keita

Building communities through textile art.

Some 3D printed boxes with geometric jewellery.

Cara Lowe

Exploring the relationship between digital and physical.

An abstract form.

Esmé Naylor 

Jewellery inspired by rural and urban wilderness.

A headscarf decorated with images of people.

Lauren Powell

Storytelling through textiles.

Fabric samples with flower designs.

Tia Parmar

Textile design inspired by nature.

A group of roughly woven items.

Lily Hardy

Changing perceptions of waste materials.

A cloth printed with a pattern of birds and trees.

Penfia Rodrigues

Celebrating natural forest environments.

A colourful scene of draped textiles, and abstract foem upholstered in bright fabric and tassles.

Chloé Rochefort

Investigating playfulness and storytelling.

A striking model wears an outfit of stiff fabric, laced at the shoulder.

Lilian Sutton

Exploring the female body image.

A sock with a textile embroidered head protruding from the heel.

Woo Jin Joo

Exploring our relationships to objects.

two people hold scultpures made of brightly coloured chainlike pieces.

Jamie Lee Wainman

3D printing for designing, building, manufacturing and learning.

a woman sits at a homemade spinning wheel made from upcycled materials.

Billie Williams

Spinning and weaving with waste materials.

Where Next?

Artist: Francisca Onumah

Francisca was part of In:Site 2014

The artists uses a hammer to stamp metal.

Artist: Jessica Hargreaves

Jessica was part of In:Site 2015

The artist crouches over a memorial stone as she takes a casting.

Artist: Ryan Dilkes

Ry was part of In:Site 2019

The artist sits on a bench surrounded by furniture made from discarded wood.

Artist: Stefanie Cheong

Stefanie was part of In:Site 2013.

A pine cone with gold decoration on a string.


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