Artist: Lilian Sutton

A striking model wears an outfit of stiff fabric, laced at the shoulder.

MA Contemporary Crafts
Hereford College of Arts

Lilian is a textiles & mixed media artist.

Lilian’s practice explores and challenges the ideals of female body image upheld by society. Lilian sees the body and the way we alter our image with clothing as a powerful tool for communication. Combining textiles with metalwork and jesmonite body casting, Lilian uses her own female form as the inspiration for her garments. Highlighting the negative impact of societal pressures on her view of her own body, Lilian has created a collection of wearable pieces that question our views on weight, shape, purpose, nudity and ageing in relation to the female body.

A striking model wears a dress which gives a stiff round shape and shows a large feather.
A striking model wears a loose dress and large necklace.
A pale dress with marked lines like body shapes.
A striking model wears a dress which billows out in the skirt.

In:Site 2022

Lilian is one of 20 artists who were selected to show their work at In:Site 2022. The event took place in spring 2022.
Find out more about the other artists.

Lilian Sutton’s project, Our Bodies, Our Journey looked at body image: the way we alter our image with clothing, and how society’s fixed beauty ideals shape the view we have of ourselves. Using a combination of textiles and mixed media, Lilian invited people to work collaboratively on individual adornments for a protective garment, sharing positive messages about diverse bodies and unpacking beauty myths.

A dress hangs on a blue & gold railing
The hem of a dress decorated with fabric flower applique hangs on a railing with people walking past in the background
The hem of a dress decorated with colourful fabric flowers
The hem of a dress decorated in colourful fabric applique viewed through a railing with a cathedral in the background

Where Next?

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A pine cone with gold decoration on a string.


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