Artist’s Showcase 2024

Find out more about the artists selected for In:Site 2024: their work, processes and materials.

Exploring themes of care in their practices, the artists sensitively respond to, raise awareness of and encourage: care for others, for the self, for cultural heritage, for environments and species, for democracy and equality, for materials and sustainability, and for spaces and resources.

A yellow, sculptural piece made up of braided strands of foam-like material, lying horizontally across the floor in the shape of a wave.

Adama Conteh

Creating healing spaces.

A dark, circular, metal object, standing on a table. Silver needles point from the edge towards the centre of the circle, but fall short, leaving a small gap in the centre. The piece appears dangerous yet contained.

Alice Biolo

Translating emotional processes into tangible objects.

A woman crouching next to a rectangular, colourful textile piece hanging from a metal rod. The wall hanging is primarily pink and orange, with brown, black and green abstract shapes stitched or embroidered over it; the shapes and the piece are outlined with yellow thread.

Amber Lily

Colour, texture and mark making.

Jade Holt

Sustainable woven fabrics.

An open hand holding a very delicate cup-shaped object made from loosely woven, thin natural fibres. The vertical strands are blue and white, and the horizontal ones are pink. You can see through the vessel, almost like bars on a window. The joining at the top of the vessel appears like a crown of thorns.

Joanne Lamb

Reconnecting with nature through textiles.

A blonde woman is a white t-shirt, wearing simple gold jewellery, stands just behind two overlapping stretches of translucent fabric, each embroidered with tiny flowers. The one running diagonally is a very thin, delicate pink chiffon decorated with tiny blue flowers; the other runs more vertically – a delicate web of incredibly thin natural fibres embroidered with tiny flowers and petals.

Katerina Knight

Working by hand, inspired by nature.

A hand holding a green glass bead between the thumb and forefinger in front of a blurred house and tree.

Katy Gillam-Hull

Blending found materials and storytelling.

A painted, and embroidered portrait of a blue-eyed Black woman, on a background of collaged book pages. Her face is circular and tilted and she has short black hair. Her necklace and earrings are beads embroidered onto the piece’s surface. Her outline has been stitched in yellow thread.

Lola Awolowo

Remembered characters.

A visual and textual informational poster of a young woman wearing a white polo shirt and blue jeans, both of which have been fixed by visible repair through patchworks of red, blue and white fabric scraps. Overlaid onto this photo are the phrases ‘PATCH IT’, ‘Dads old jeans’ and ‘Old school polo’.

Lucy Ralph

Exploring fast fashion and repair.

A terracotta clay trophy with two handles lying in a patch of dirt, as if it has been dug up and uncovered. The handles are decorated with leaves, some of which are painted gold. The trophy is on a base which reads ‘Grow what you can’ in block capitals. The trophy lid lies next to it, it has a model of a small person digging on it – the earth that they’ve dug up has also been painted gold.

Martha Wiles

Craft as a catalyst for change.

A close-up section of a larger piece, made up of overlaid abstract shapes in red, blue, and yellow. This is a mixed media piece, comprised of print, embroidery, stitchwork and painting.

Rebecca Leek

Using art to foster understanding and change.

Two women, dressed all in white, stand with their backs to us, and their arms around each other’s backs. The backs of their jackets have been decorated with colourful portraits of Black women’s faces, with their hair embroidered on.

Rehana Adams-Bell

Exploring Black identity.

An arch constructed out of different-sized fabric boulders, in the middle of a busy pavement. The largest boulders have been embroidered and others printed on – one has a crane swooping down, one says ‘Nature is an Activist’.

Roberta Schreyer

Healing our relationship to the earth.

Three forms made of latticed wires coated in white plaster. The wires have been manipulated so that each form is twisted, bent, and curved like a building under pressure. The ends of the wires stick out of the pieces.

Ruth Petersen

Highlighting social injustice.

Where Next?

Artist: Alice Biolo

Artist showcase.

A dark, circular, metal object, standing on a table. Silver needles point from the edge towards the centre of the circle, but fall short, leaving a small gap in the centre. The piece appears dangerous yet contained.

Artist: Francisca Onumah

Francisca was part of In:Site 2014

The artists uses a hammer to stamp metal.

Artist: Jessica Hargreaves

Jessica was part of In:Site 2015

The artist crouches over a memorial stone as she takes a casting.

Artist: Ryan Dilkes

Ry was part of In:Site 2019

The artist sits on a bench surrounded by furniture made from discarded wood.


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