Artist: Alice Biolo

A dark, circular, metal object, standing on a table. Silver needles point from the edge towards the centre of the circle, but fall short, leaving a small gap in the centre. The piece appears dangerous yet contained.


BA Silversmithing and Jewellery Design
Glasgow School of Art

Alice is an artist and jeweller.

Alice’s conceptual, sculptural jewellery practice translates emotional processes into tangible objects. Approaching her practice as she would a therapy journal, Alice uses her creative methods to work through traumatic experiences, and the subsequent stages of understanding that follow. Through designing and making, her projects offer a way to give these distinct stages identity and form. Her pieces create a physical point of connection to private, inner feelings for their wearer, simultaneously making visible and concealing the processes of healing and recovery.

Under the Skin

Where Next?

Artist: Rebecca Leek

Artist showcase.

A close-up section of a larger piece, made up of overlaid abstract shapes in red, blue, and yellow. This is a mixed media piece, comprised of print, embroidery, stitchwork and painting.

Artist: Lucy Ralph

Artist showcase.

A visual and textual informational poster of a young woman wearing a white polo shirt and blue jeans, both of which have been fixed by visible repair through patchworks of red, blue and white fabric scraps. Overlaid onto this photo are the phrases ‘PATCH IT’, ‘Dads old jeans’ and ‘Old school polo’.

Artist: Lola Awolowo

Artist showcase.

A painted, and embroidered portrait of a blue-eyed Black woman, on a background of collaged book pages. Her face is circular and tilted and she has short black hair. Her necklace and earrings are beads embroidered onto the piece’s surface. Her outline has been stitched in yellow thread.

Artist: Katy Gillam-Hull

Artist showcase.

A hand holding a green glass bead between the thumb and forefinger in front of a blurred house and tree.


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