Artist: Yuka Jourdain

A hand with a large ring made of bright feather or leaf shapes.

Lapwing 1920

MFA Design, Jewellery & Metalwork
Sheffield Hallam University

Yuka is a Japanese jewellery designer.

Yuka’s practice combines traditional jewellery techniques and experimentation with new materials. She creates her jewellery pieces using metalwork, enamelling and felt. Yuka’s starting point is always the natural world around her, which she continually seeks to re-discover by exploring different processes with materials, questioning her own habits and her view of her surroundings. She also designs around the theme of biodiversity and the loss of birds on the UK Red List, which keeps track of how different species are doing and highlights those in need of urgent action. Yuka enjoys the process of working collaboratively with others and continues to develop participatory projects.

A large chain necklace with mixed media sections.
A metal case and knitted case, both containing seeds.
The artist stands in front a wall with hanging bird and house shapes.
A close up of a pendant made of ovals.

(Top row, left to right)
Seeds for Emergency
(Bottom row, left to right)
Pray for Reconnection II
Mosaic Habitat

In:Site 2022

Yuka is one of 20 artists who were selected to show their work at In:Site 2022. The event took place in spring 2022.
Find out more about the other artists.

Yuka Jourdain’s project, Favourite Bird at Birmingham Cathedral Square, was inspired by the story of the measures taken to protect the Cathedral’s stained glass windows from starlings, unintentionally making way for the long-standing resident pigeons. Yuka sees the Square as a magnet, drawing towards it the people and birds of the city centre, and invited the public to make their own bird using needle felting and other techniques, celebrating the Square’s feathered inhabitants.

A large colourful square felt scene with many felt birds
A small square felt and embroidery scene of a church and garden with 4 birds

Where Next?

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A pine cone with gold decoration on a string.


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