Artist: Penfia Rodrigues

A cloth printed with a pattern of birds and trees.

BA Textile Design
Birmingham City University

Penfia is a textile designer.

Penfia makes printed textiles, producing collections for interiors and fashion. Her printed designs feature her strong, stylised drawings, creating immersive pieces that aim to bring the natural world into interior spaces and on to garments. Penfia’s final major project focussed on the urgent issue of deforestation, producing a collection of vivid designs evoking the beauty and fragility of the life that exists within these endangered habitats.

A cloth printed with a pattern of birds and then stitched.
A cloth printed with a pattern of birds and trees.
A cloth printed with a pattern of birds and trees.
Fans made of cloth printed with a pattern of birds and trees.

In:Site 2022

Penfia is one of 20 artists who were selected to show their work at In:Site 2022. The event took place in spring 2022.
Find out more about the other artists.

Penfia Rodrigues delivered a collaborative print and embroidery project, Rewilding, about the importance of protecting nature. Contrasting beauty with destruction in her imagery, and motivated by the deforestation making way for a new transport infrastructure in her home state of Goa, Penfia’s artwork raised awareness of the future we will lose by making a better life in the present.

A woman stands in front of a cathedral in a park holding up a large white cloth decorated with embroidery and print
a pair of hands holding a leaf which is being used to print onto cloth
A pair of hands stitching embroidery onto a large white cloth decorated with prints, text and embroidery
a close up of red and green hand printing onto white fabric with the words Save the Planet visible

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