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Embrace the Commons and the commons way of thinking!  We celebrate that some things belong to us all and with co-operation and collective responsibility we can protect and sustain these for the benefit of all communities.  Skills, knowledge, tools, materials and the natural world are resources that artists took actions to highlight through their work and were featured in our We are Commoners exhibition.

Now we can spread the positive message of commons thinking; get hold of one of our collectible artist designed enamel pin badges, made in Birmingham by Fattorini or head out with our Commons Sense shoulder bag!

The We are Commoners exhibition catalogue is also available.

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All profits support Craftspace. We use local suppliers and compostable packaging

A bag sits on a table in a sunny garden, the bag has a bright design.

Designed by artist Kate Hodgson, this bag is a roomy shoulder bag with two really useful internal pockets. £19.50.

A dark green enamel badge with and golden silhouette of a goose.

Designed by artist Alice McLean, The Goose badge celebrates the protection of Peckham Rye Common against encroachment in 1868. Made in Birmingham by Fattorini. £12.50.

A pale blue enamel badge shoing a line drawing of a hand holding a seedling.

Designed by artists Alice McLean and Justine Boussard with Walsall Road allotment holders, celebrating the protection of the allotments against loss through development. Made in Birmingham by Fattorini. £12.50


An enamel badge of the We are Commoners logo.

The exhibition invites you to recognise yourself as a ‘commoner’. Wear this badge with pride to join the commoning movement. £10.50.

The catalogue outlines the curatorial approach to the We are Commoners exhibition. £6.00.

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Lots of tiny figures standing in rows made from nuts and seeds.


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Shelanu Interlocking Stories earrings in gold. Simple in design.


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A metal brooch designed with motifs of barbed wire and a skull.

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A group of 5 women sit around a table, concentrated. Some are embroidering baby muslins.


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model sculpture of a digger made from reclaimed metal


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