We are Commoners

A Craftspace national touring exhibition

Touring exhibition
Current venue: Devon Guild of Craftsmen until 13 November 2021
Showcase: Midlands Arts Centre 9 October 2021 – 16 January 2022

This exhibition invites you to become or recognise yourself as a ‘commoner’. Featuring UK and international artists, the projects exhibited in this exhibition represent ideas and resources to inspire acts of commoning.

You can visit the exhibition as it tours the UK or take a virtual tour. We hope that you will feel encouraged by the examples of co-operative action, to seek out connections with people, objects, spaces and your environment.

Here you will find resources for schools, things to make at home and links to videos and extra resources.

We’ll be adding more resources and information as the exhibition continues.


An array of blue clothes hang on a large rustic wooden stand along with some mending tools.

Visit: Day of Commoning

13 November 2021
Online at the Digital Craft Festival and in person at Devon Guild.

A cream cotton bag with a fun graphic in blue and light green saying 'commons sense'.

Shop: Commons Sense shoulder bag

£19.50 in our online shop.

Virtual Tour

Visit the exhibition online!

A pale blue enamel badge shoing a line drawing of a hand holding a seedling.

We are Commoners shop

Shop from our new range of We are Commoners merch.

a pile of blue material.

Learning resource: Claiming

Inspiration for schools and groups. Make a uniform commons?

Two people's hands twist long grass together, holding at each end.

Artist: Common Agency Projects

Commoning Actions in green spaces.

Rehearsing the dance. Two adults roll in the long grass, their legs and arms in the air.

Become a commoner

Learn more about the commons.

A naïve drawing of two people in front of a simple house with basic birds, trees and plants.

Crafting the Commons

Visit the exhibition research blog, Crafting the Commons.


A line of people carry a very large knitted piece on their shoulders.

Hire the exhibition

Book one of the last few tour slots.

a row of 7 handmade fabric medals using various patterns and colours

Craft in Common

Free creative online workshops.

Where Next?

Artist: Gelawesh Waledkhani and Lise Bjørne Linnert

Collaborating with undocumented migrants in Norway.

Learning resource: Healing

Thinking about how artists use materials and skills.

A leaf has been decorated with embroidery stitches.

Become a commoner

Learn more about commons.

Rehearsing the dance. Two adults roll in the long grass, their legs and arms in the air.

Artist: Alice McLean and Justine Boussard

Campaigning to protect community assets.

A silver token, like a big coin.


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