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There are many ways to get involved and support Shelanu.

Join the group

Shelanu is a group of women who have all moved to Birmingham from around the world. They meet once or twice a week in Birmingham city centre to do activities including jewellery making. Follow the link to find out more about what we get up to and who to get in touch with.

Book a workshop

Shelanu, our women’s craft collective provide practical workshops to suit a range of clients in variety of settings including galleries, community venues, festivals, outdoor events and corporate settings. Follow the link for more details of costs and workshop options.

Support Shelanu

Shelanu is funded by grants from trusts and foundations, private donations and income from sales of their work and services. We are currently looking for sources of future funding to make sure that we can continue to benefit the community and develop the group into a self-sustaining social enterprise. Follow the link to find out how you can support this project as a partner or financially.

Support us

A woman demonstrates jewellery techniques to another older woman in headscarf.

Join Shelanu

Find out how to get involved.

A woman is teaching jewellery skills to another women who is wearing a pink headscarf.


Book a workshop for your group.

Four women of different cultures stand around a table. One person is demonstrating a jewellery technique.

Support Shelanu

See our funders and find out more.

Shelanu shop

Jewellery, gifts and stationery from £4.

Where Next?

Supporting Shelanu

Learn how you can support Shelanu.

Four women of different cultures stand around a table. One person is demonstrating a jewellery technique.

Women's Maker Movement

Working with women facing social challenges in Birmingham.

A participant concentrates on the fixings for her jewellery

Shelanu: Interlocking Stories

Shelanu’s latest range. Bold, interlocking, silver and gold plated jewellery.

Interlocking stories bangle in silver. Simple and geometric in design.


Refugee and migrant women working with Craftspace to develop a sustainable craft social enterprise.

Shelanu products: A purse with a line drawing of Birmingham, a red bird brooch and a silver bracelet.


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