Shelanu – Routes to Trade

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Launch: Contemporary Craft Fair, Bovey Tracey
July 2011

The women’s new home city of Birmingham is the theme behind the Routes to Trade collection. Birmingham has a remarkable history of trade, inspiring the title, ‘A City of 1000 Trades’.  This reputation is in no small part due to hundreds of small businesses which utilised craft techniques and handmade processes.

Shelanu worked with Birmingham based jeweller Kathryn Partington to explore some of these businesses and the potential of batch production as a sustainable process for the social enterprise.

The women have made work in response to their environment, creating a sense of place for themselves and highlighting elements which other residents may take for granted.

This first collection, was launched at the Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey Tracey, Devon, in July 2011. The group have since gone on to develop a batch production jewellery range, which is available to buy. They are also developing a new range of souvenirs for Birmingham.

Where Next?

Supporting Shelanu

Learn how you can support Shelanu.

Four women of different cultures stand around a table. One person is demonstrating a jewellery technique.

Women's Maker Movement

Working with women facing social challenges in Birmingham.

A participant concentrates on the fixings for her jewellery

Shelanu: Interlocking Stories

Shelanu’s latest range. Bold, interlocking, silver and gold plated jewellery.

Interlocking stories bangle in silver. Simple and geometric in design.


Refugee and migrant women working with Craftspace to develop a sustainable craft social enterprise.

Shelanu products: A purse with a line drawing of Birmingham, a red bird brooch and a silver bracelet.


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