Making For Change: Arts Award

What is Making for Change Expo?

Making for Change Expo is an online exhibition curated by young creative Daljinder that tells the story of Making for Change; our project for young people including some great campaigns and craftivism activities to do at home. This page includes lots of useful links which you can use to complete your Art Award Discover. Keep a note of the link to this page as you’ll need to get back here.

There’s some great information about makers, campaigns and activities on the Craftspace Youth social media accounts. Follow us on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

What is an Arts Award?

Arts award is a range of nationally recognised qualifications that support you to grow as artists and arts leaders.   Arts Award Discover is the introductory award.  Find out more at

Using Making for Change Expo, and other Craftspace resources we will help you to learn about craftivism and complete your Arts Award Discover for free at home.  There are 3 sections to complete:

Part A: Discover and Take Part in the arts
Part B: Find out about Artists and their work
Part C: Share your Discoveries

What do I have to do?
Complete all 3 sections outlined on the next page.  You can use whatever materials you like to record what you do; writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs or making a video.

How do I get my certificate?
You will need to email your completed portfolios to your teacher/group leader.  We will organise for your certificate to be sent to you.

Download a PDF of the Arts Award Log.

Part A: Discover and take part in the arts

Find out about different forms of art and craft.

Use  to find out about different craft practices. How many can you list? Record them on your log.  You can write, draw or use photographs.  Do you have any examples of these craft forms in your home?  Record them too.

Now think about other art forms.

What other artforms can you name? You might be able to find more by talking to family and friends, watching TV or looking at books, magazines and comics.

You can use these other websites (they are all Birmingham organisations) to find out  more about them.

Record them in your log. Which one are you most interested in?

Now take part in some arts activities. There are 3 you can have a go at.

Zine Making

Watch Seleena’s video and then have a go at making a zine using her instruction sheet. You will need to choose a topic to focus on.

Click the image below to download the PDF instructions.

a diagram of folding a zine

Embroidered Patch

Seleena makes patches to share messages about the things she cares about.  Watch her video and use her instruction sheet to share your own image.

Click the image below to download the PDF instructions.

stages of embroidering a patch

Make a Portrait

Watch the video of Seleena making a felt portrait and have a go yourself using her instruction sheet.  Seleena makes portraits of herself and of people she admires.

Click the image below to download the PDF instructions.

a felt portrait

Write about them in your log.   What did you do?   What materials did you use? What skills did you learn? Remember to include photos and drawings.  If you don’t have the same materials don’t worry just use whatever you have.  You don’t have to do them all but you might like to.

Part B: Find out about artists and their work.

Here are some artists that use craftivism.   Choose two or three, look at their websites and find out some information about them and their work.  Record your research in your log.

Part B: Find out about artists and their work.

The last thing to do is share your discoveries with someone.  It can be someone at home, a friend or a teacher or group leader.  Tell them what you did and how you found it.  What was your favourite bit? Remember to record who it is, what you told them and what they said about your discoveries in your log.

Where Next?

Making For Change: Arts Award

Complete your Arts Award with Making For Change

a felt portrait


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