A bag sits on a table in a sunny garden, the bag has a bright design.

Shop from the range of merchandise designed to accompany the exhibition.

A view of the gallery space. I brightly coloured sculpture by Blackwater polytechnic is in the centre of the space.

Take a walk through our new touring exhibition and be inspired to become a commoner.

a beautiful necklace made of dried fruit peel

Be inspired by makers. Including how to make beautiful jewellery from waste peelings.


Join us in making a positive difference. Your curiosity about craft helps us to bring extraordinary craft experiences to even wider audiences.

a video still of an artist waving

Learn craftivism skills with Seleena Laverne Daye on the Making For Change Expo site.

A naïve drawing of two people in front of a simple house with basic birds, trees and plants.

Collaborators Gelawesh Waledkhani and Lise Bjørne Linnert talk about “A room between the rooms”, highlighting the lives and voices of refugees in Oslo.

The artist crouches over a memorial stone as she takes a casting.

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A member of Shelanu helps a lady to make her brooch

Refugee and migrant women working with Craftspace to develop a sustainable craft social enterprise.

A sock with a textile embroidered head protruding from the heel.

See the work of the 19 makers selected to be part of In:Site Festival 2022.

From the Shop


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