Digital Craft Festival

Show and Tell

Care, repair and shared resources in Contemporary Craft

November 2020

Watch a fascinating conversation hosted by Emma Daker, our Exhibitions and Projects Development Manager, with makers Charlotte Meek, Katy Warriner, Bronwen Gwillim and Su Trindle. The conversation was part of the Digital Craft Festival online in November 2020.

The theme for the conversation came from Craftspace’s research into the Commons for our touring exhibition We are Commoners, launching in Spring 2021. The exhibition explores the possibilities of small acts of commoning through making by artists individually and collectively with communities.

For the purpose of the exhibition we have been following the definition of the Commons by Peter Barnes On the Commons co-founder: “The commons means: Things we share/ Places we share/ Systems we share/ Ideas we share/ Culture we share”. This discussion focusses on what this means in terms of making practices and the craft community. We focus on shared resources and also how this can manifest in acts of care and repair both in individual practice but also for the craft community and audience.

Find out more about the makers in this conversation.

Charlotte Meek – The Stitch Society
Katy Warriner – Warriner Leather Works
Bronwen Gwillim – Jewellery from Repurposed Plastic
Su Trindle – Quercus Silver

Craft Festival

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Craft Festival is a Non-Profit making company which began with its first Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey in 2003. Since then, Craft Festival has become a collection of highly selective craft events in Bovey Tracey, Cheltenham and Bath.


Where Next

the artist, Alinah Azedeh

Achates Philanthropy Prize

Craftspace in a place as part of the National Showcase.

The drag artist holds a bright fabric 'medal'.

Craft in Common for Black History Month 2020

We invited four early-career Black artists and one drag queen to make courage medals for a Black person they admire.

a row of 7 handmade fabric medals using various patterns and colours

Craft in Common

Craft in Common is a series of five creative online workshops with artist Alinah Azadeh.

A very long line of people walk along a road carrying a very long knitted white piece of fabric on their shoulders.

We are Commoners

Artists have been announced


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