Artist: Amy Twigger Holroyd

A pink cardigan which has sections that have been re-knitted.

Amy Twigger Holroyd, Reknitting Sampler Garment. (Photo: Amy Twigger Holroyd)

In the exhibition Amy considers the idea of enclosure through fashion. She explores clothing as a shared community resource, rather than outputs of a privatised commercial system. The ‘Reknit Revolution’ project encourages hand knitters to use their skills to rework their knitwear, to rebel against the professionalisation, or enclosure, of fashion. Amy encourages us to see every stitch as a unit of possibility, ripe for change. The ‘Reknit Sampler’ showcases five treatments: stitch-hack, embellish, insert pocket and replace cuff.

Instructions for the reknit processes are available

Celebrate the Blue Fashion Commons

Have a go at Amy Twigger Holroyd’s making project .

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Instructions for making.

Click on the image to download the PDF instructions.

Examples of 19th century folk motifs

These 19th century decorative folk motifs on an English smock are featured in Amy’s making project for We are Commoners, Celebrate the Blue Fashion Commons. Protective overgarments worn when working the land, smocks from different areas of the country show regional differences in terms of construction and embellishment. These vibrant folk designs can now be seen as a rich ‘common’ resource, ripe for 21st century reinvention.

embroidery designs inspired by plants
designs for embroidery
traditional smocks
an embroidered collar on a smock

Photos: Amy Twigger Holroyd

Where Next?

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Learning resource: Healing

Thinking about how artists use materials and skills.

A leaf has been decorated with embroidery stitches.

Become a commoner

Learn more about commons.

Rehearsing the dance. Two adults roll in the long grass, their legs and arms in the air.

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Campaigning to protect community assets.

A silver token, like a big coin.


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