Planet Kind

What does ‘planet-kind’ mean?

Through Drag Declares Emergency we are trying to understand, share and develop ways of making drag which reduces environmental harm and doesn’t contribute to climate emergency. We want to minimize the use of new materials and tools. We want to use natural materials and locally sourced resources. We understand that this is a complicated mission. The origins of materials are often hard to discover or determine and we know we will make mistakes. You can find environmentally responsible and planet kind crafting methods, tools and materials on the interactive home page.

colour photo, exterior. A white Drag performer stand amidst a garden of orange and red potted flowers. They wear a leafey tabard made of green, platsic shopping bags and trousers which seems to be partly made from mud. behind them white chalk lettering on a brown brick work wall reads "The Dye Garden".

Images: Sam Goodrick, Planet Kind Trousers, photo: Art Matters Now.

Downloads: Make your own drag outfit

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