Lady Kitt

Lady Kitt is a socially engaged artist, researcher and drag king based in the UK. Kitt describes their work as “Mess Making as Social Glue, driven by insatiable curiosity about the social functions of stuff that gets called art”. They use crafting, performance and research to create objects, interactions and events. Kitt often uses collaborative creativity to materially / conceptually / emotionally dismantle and mischievously re-craft systems which they find discriminatory, obsolete or just quite dull.

Some of the things that have happened as part of Kitt’s work are: super-sized origami boat races, policy changes & the creation of an international feminist art magazine for, and by, children.

Colour photo, interior. Kitt, white shaven headed human with a big smile wears a headdress made of huge multi coloured flowers and a black long sleeved shirt on which white and orange text reads “queer crip craft power”.
A person lies on the ground as if falling out of a large overturned bin full of bin bags. They are dressed fully in black clothes decorated with strings of orange plastic flowers, a beard made from the same orange flowers and a decorative hat of black and orange plastic.

Images: Lady Kitt. Jack ‘O the Bins, photo: Art Matters Now, Lady Kitt.

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