Celebrating 30 Years

Celebrating 30 Years

A paper leaflet featuring a design for a papercut featuring people making.

In 2016 we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

During the year we are launching two major touring exhibitions: Radical Craft, Alternative Ways of Making and Made in the Middle, Contemporary craft from across the Midlands.

Check back here for more info about what we’re up to during the year.

If you’ve picked up one of our new ’30’  leaflets let us know if you’ve had a go at the papercut designed by the artist Maeve Clancy. If you haven’t got a leaflet or you want to have another go you can download a copy here.

Where Next?

A row of ceramic vessels with additions of found objects.

Can your business support contemporary regional makers?

A small model of a tram made out of found materials such as cardboard packaging.

Alternative Ways of Making

Inside a gallery a woman is performing with tools and glass, there is a large flame, other galss vesssels are filled with water.

Plan a visit to our next exhibition or event.

curious about craft is spelled out by pins wrapped in thread.

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