Craft Fellows: Product photography training

Craft Fellows: Product photography training

Yeshen Venema – product and lifestyle photographer specialising

A partnership between MAC Birmingham and Craftspace

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(Photo: Yeshen Venema )

Session notes

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Last weekend, myself and the other craft fellows were treated to a great practical session from photographer Yeshen Venema, who expertly guided us through some of the do’s and don’t’s of photographing our work. Coming from a fashion background, I’m used to my photos not only being more focused on communicating a concept rather than the clarity of a product, but also that they are always taken by other people. I’ve had a lot of experience working on shoots and with cameras, but this felt like a very different approach – though Yeshen’s practical photography advice which we can apply ourselves at home, I feel infinitely more confident about tackling my own photos and how I would capture a product/item professionally.

Yeshen’s accolade ‘The Designer/Makers favourite Photographer’ is justly earned. It was so refreshing to hear from a practitioner who so thoroughly understands and loves the very niche field in which they work – it is evident in his voice and language that Yeshen doesn’t just see products or items, he sees the hours of hard work, passion and artistic validity of the crafts he is trusted to capture. This makes him a credit not only, of course, to himself, but to our organisers at the Mac for facilitating such a valuable and relevant speaker. Thanks again Yeshen

Amy McCranor

Top tips

Yeshen Venema – product and lifestyle photographer specialising

  • Product photography training
  • Scale and colour
  • Focus and details
  • Context
  • Consistency and story

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