Craft Fellows: Introducing regional and national organisations

Craft Fellows: Introducing regional and national organisations

Emma Daker – Exhibitions and Project Development Manager

A partnership between MAC Birmingham and Craftspace

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Craft Fellows visiting Modern Clay

Session notes

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In this second session the Craft Fellows were introduced to a range of regional and national organisations including: Craftspace, Design Nation, UK Young Artists, New Art West Midlands, Unit Twelve, STEAMhouse, Modern Clay, Centrala.

Alongside opening our eyes to the wider creative communities, a large set of tailored talks, symposiums and discussions with industry leading experts in the creative field help to manage our own business goals and build a broad rapport once setting up our personal practice. Exciting right!?

To further the invaluable experience and information from experts, we are to receive a plethora of industry experience and help from facilitators and local artists connected with the MAC and local organisations; this is again through introductions and later as individual mentoring.

Did I mention we each are also commissioned to exhibit a piece of work at the MAC to commemorate our professional development progress and to showcase 5 fantastic emerging designers into the market.

Stuart Crabbe

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A small vase: broken pieces are covered in decorative fabric and stitched back together in the original shape.

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Inside a gallery a woman is performing with tools and glass, there is a large flame, other galss vesssels are filled with water.

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The i pad case sits on a windowsill. They are simple in design with a black and white line drawing of the skyline and red trimmings.

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