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A round up of our free resources available for schools in 2021.

Especially during these uncertain times, creative processes can be a really useful way of helping students to process their experiences. Here we’ve gathered together some of our resources for teachers and group leaders working with children and young people.

These resources are free but, if you find them useful, and you are able, please consider making a donation and help us continue to  support more young people to see the many benefits of learning making skills.

A screengrab of the Making For Change home page.

Making for Change Expo

Visit our online exhibition of craftivist campaigns for inspiration on starting campaigns. Watch films and download free making activities. Craftivism (craft and activism) which combines slow mindful making activity with a focus on social justice and change can be particularly impactful in supporting students to process their experiences. Make a zine, sew a patch for your own campaign or support our existing environmental or community campaigns.

a row of 7 handmade fabric medals using various patterns and colours

Craft in Common

Craft in Common is a series of five creative online workshops with artist Alinah Azadeh.

Craft skills are commonly shared across all cultures and Alinah has created a resource for making things to get through difficult times. Making things together in solidarity as a community in our home city of Birmingham, across the nation and the world. Each workshop is themed to relate to a human value or experience such as; courage, care, connection, loss and emotional repair.

Black Bulb vase by Zoe Hillyard

Made in the Middle 30 online exhibition

The website hosts an online exhibition curated by Louise Taylor, featuring 30 makers from past exhibitions alongside cataloguestimelinesvideosreviews and resources. Be inspired by the makers and their work and find out more about artists working in the Midlands.

Two men pour molten metal into a mould, outside Birmingham Cathedral.

Be inspired by new graduates

Visit the In:Site Festival blog to see innovative work made by new graduates taking part in the festival each year. You can watch videos of each artist talking about graduating from university, their inspirations and demonstrating innovative techniques. There’s textiles, ceramics, metalwork, jewellery and furniture design.

Showing the exterior cover of Radical Craft Exhibition Teachers pack


Take a look in our online shop for more things to ‘Make & Do’. You can download free exhibition resources including stitching activities and also find out how to weave using a loom made of cardboard and things you can find lying around at home.

a screenshot of our youtube page


There’s lots of inspiration on our YouTube channel including lots of interviews with makers.

Where Next

a diagram showing how to fold a one page zine.

Making for Change Expo

Learn how to make a zine and lots more over at our online exhibition.

stitched words HOME and arrow on a printed map on fabric

Craftspace and COVID-19

Updates on how we’re working during the current situation

Embroidered Digital Commons

Join artist Ele Carpenter online to create a collective artwork.

Two people's hands twist long grass together, holding at each end.

Artist: Common Agency Projects (Shane Waltener & Laura Glaser)

Commoning actions in green spaces.

An artist weaves flowers into a willow sculpture.

Journeys Making

An early years exhibition curated by Craftspace at the Custard Factory in May 2007.


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