Crafting Futures: UK Study Tour – Youth Engagement

A partnership between Craftspace and the British Council

a delegate touches and admires colourful hanging threads installation on a wall

Crafting Futures, 2019 Study Tour (Photo: Matthew Savage)

Consultancy: Study Tour
October 2019

“Craftspace is pleased to be a UK consortium partner for the Crafting Futures programme. Researching and leading UK craft study tours for international participants provides a valuable basis for informing our work with global perspectives as well as for exchange and mutual learning ”

Craftspace partnered with The British Council to organise and host a seven day UK Craft Study Tour for professionals focussing on Youth Engagement.

This study tour’s theme was youth engagement – both in terms of involving or engaging younger generations in appreciating their heritage and becoming consumers of contemporary artisan products or supporting young people into the creative industries through training, development schemes, apprenticeships or creative industry clusters.

Six arts professionals from  Argentina, Nepal, Myanmar, India, Georgia and the Philippines participated in a study tour to the UK in October 2019.


The aim of the study visit were to:

  • Build stronger connections with the UK sector and create opportunities for future exchange and collaboration
  • Share approaches and methods for youth engagement from the UK craft/visual arts sector including training pathways (apprenticeships, further education models), public engagement, audience development, policy and creative production.


The tour included visits to museums, galleries, archives, collections and sites of production across the UK. Participants had the chance to network with British curators, museum workers, craft organisations and practitioners.

The first half of the tour took place in the West Midlands and North West of England including two major craft biennials (the British Ceramic Biennial and the British Textile Biennial). These biennials provided the added value of seeing and understanding the transformative and regenerative potential of place-based craft focused initiatives. Both are regional initiatives which have multiple objectives relating to creative programming, regeneration, strategic vehicles for change, tourism, reconnecting audiences with tangible and intangible heritage, skills development and creating links between creativity and industry. The second part of the tour took place in London; visiting museums, galleries, cultural organisations, retail outlets and other projects.

The tour included:


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