Craft Fellows: Building relationships with private / commercial galleries

Craft Fellows: Building relationships with private / commercial galleries

Facilitated by Yvonna Demczynska – Flow Gallery

A partnership between MAC Birmingham and Craftspace

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Session notes

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Top tips from Yvonna Demcyznska – Owner of Flow Gallery

This guest post was written by Yvonna Demcyznska, owner and curator of Flow Gallery, situated in London. You can see what’s on at Flow Gallery on their website:

1. Research the gallery/organisation you are approaching (make sure that it is a good fit for your work)

2. Prepare good photographs of your work

3. Attend as many Private Views/events where you are likely to meet the potential gallery owners

4. Correct presentation of your email- easy to read, PDF attachment and links to up to date website and Instagram account

5. Try international galleries, shops, lifestyle stores & pop up events

Yvonna, the owner and curator of Flow Gallery in London came to speak to us about her experience with private galleries, to give us advice on how best to approach, and build relationships with them.

Yvonna started the session with explaining how her gallery has evolved through time, from starting out with a more fine art feel – white walled – with lots of empty spaces; using simple effective display techniques to allow the product to shine for itself. However as time went on she developed the interiors to be more welcoming to the public, giving it a more “homely” feel.

Yvonna talked us through the various artists she works with and explained the look she gravitates towards. She then went on to show how she helps those artists by connecting them with collectors and shows. Yvonna also explained her role in expanding her artist’s reach and customer base.

Due to her large amount of work with international artists, in particular, her work with a vast number of Scandinavian artists, the Finnish embassy asked Yvonne to travel out to Finland to discover and represent Finnish artists in her gallery. This fresh take on curating art has earned her loyal collectors and an incredible reputation that she uses to promote and build her gallery and artists.

With such a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience in the sector, Yvonna shared her advice to each of us fellows personally, after looking at our work, she recommended galleries and exhibitions that might suit us individually and directions that will fit our practices. Each of us fellows came away with lists of galleries, artists and shows to research, perhaps contact.

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Building relationships with public galleries.

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