Making Together: What happened? – Metal

5 weeks of free workshops with Theresa Nguyen and Hannah Brown
Aston, Birmingham
June – July 2018

Makers Theresa Nguyen and Hannah Brown led the second set of  Making Together workshops  at Birmingham Settlement, focusing on metal.

Introducing metalworking, silversmithing and jewellery making tools and techniques to all ages, parents and children had access to the real tools of the trade! Working with chasing punches, textured silversmithing hammers and metal burnishers, participants had a go at metal embossing, hand chasing and wire work using steel, pewter, copper and aluminium.

A metal sensory area was created alongside making activities, featuring a variety of treasure baskets, mirrors, lights, fabrics and musical instruments, offering a space to enjoy exploring the textures, sounds and tactile properties of metal.

An older man works with a young boy hammering a metal punch.
The artists shows a woman how to saw silver.
A toddler stirs objects in a saucepan.

“It was an opportunity for them to take time out of their everyday life and do something for themselves – learn new skills.”

A baby uses a jeweller's hammer.

“It was very special to see four generations experiencing and exploring metal together.”

A piercing saw cuts a shape from a silver square.

“It was wonderful to see the way she applied the new skills that she learnt and her accuracy and improvement in striking the chasing punches to imprint the pattern on the metal. “

throwing         noise         abacus         shakers        mirrors       bashing         sharing and turn-taking
three generations        physical motion        drawing        hands on        two boys hammering
safe environment         sense of achievement

“It felt like a really therapeutic activity where participants could block everything else out and just focus on exploring wire working for an hour or two.”

A very young girl reaches for a jewellers hammer being used by an older asian lady.

using tools in different ways          asking questions         developing skills        wirework        focused
metal        embossing        children leading        rubbing        metallic        materials        twisting        jewellery           learning through doing        saw piercing        persevering        shared activity        learning skill


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