Making Together, Women Living in Refuge

Making Together, Women Living in Refuge

Working in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWA)

Hands use a piercing saw to cut metal.

Working with metal (Photo: Liz Ord)

Community project

Working in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWA), we have developed our families project, Making Together, for women and early years children (0-5) living in refuge..

Making Together supports the rebuilding of relationships, boundaries and trust between mothers and children, offering space and new ways for them to interact by fostering connectivity and creativity across a range of accessible approaches and materials, in a supportive and nurturing environment.

BSWA’s services meet individual needs on terms which suit them, enabling women to regain control of their lives and be given the space and time to make their own decisions. Vital therapeutic and creative work lessens women’s isolation, encouraging them to come out of their flats, engage in social activity and recognise that they are not alone, building a sense of community in refuge.

Through engagement in open-ended and more focussed making activities, Making Together will enable women to carve out time and space to develop their creative interests individually and with their children, alongside one another. The project will support the transition from abuse to safety, helping both physical and emotional recovery.

Making Together

Making Together is a programme of intergenerational making based activity initiated by Craftspace in partnership with organisations around Birmingham. The project provides an opportunity for children, parents, carers and grandparents to engage and connect through materials and making,
using a wide range of accessible approaches and processes.

Craftspace believes that the exploration of materials through making is a transformative and positive process that develops social, cognitive and communication skills, and encourages a lifelong connection to creativity and making that supports mental health and wellbeing.


Making Together is funded by Birmingham City Council through the Cultural Re:generation scheme.

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A child interacts with clay, an adult is shown passing a tool to the child.

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A pair of hands use a knitting needle to knit blue cord.

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Inside a gallery a woman is performing with tools and glass, there is a large flame, other galss vesssels are filled with water.

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The i pad case sits on a windowsill. They are simple in design with a black and white line drawing of the skyline and red trimmings.

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A close up of some hands embroidering simple text on material stretched over an embroidery hoop.

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Hands work together on a potters wheel.

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Hands use a piercing saw to cut metal.

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