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A young woman crouches over a memorial stone, she is pouring molten metal into the carved patterns.

Jessica Hargreaves working at In:Site Festival 2015

Applications for In:Site 2024 are now open.
Deadline: Tuesday 31st October 2023

In:Site is a practice and career development project for early career artists. It is open to UK based people who have graduated from a BA, MA or City & Guilds in craft, art or design since 2021.

In:Site offers a rare opportunity for emerging artists, makers, designers and craftspeople to develop their practice to include working with people and communities by:

Read our review to find out about the impact of In:Site over the last 10 years. (PDF opens in new tab.)

In:Site 2024 explores the importance of care in contemporary life.

We are seeking applications from a diverse range of artists, makers, designers and craftspeople exploring the theme of care in their work. The theme is open to your own individual interests and interpretations. It could include: care for others, care for environments and species, care for democracy and equality, care for the self, care for materials and sustainability, or care for spaces and cultural heritage.

Black, Asian and other ethnic minority people, working class people, people identifying as disabled and people identifying as LGBTQ+ are under-represented in the arts workforce. We particularly welcome applications from these groups.

Apply for In:Site 2024

First, read the Information for Artists (PDF, opens in a new tab).
Please read this information if you are considering applying for In:Site. It tells you more about how and when the project will run, the commitment you’ll need to give, about access, and information on payment.

Complete your application form.

Download the application form as a PDF form or as a Word document. Your application can be completed on the form or as a video.


Our Learning & Engagement Manager Katy Sadler tells you more about In:Site and how to apply. If you want to get in touch directly with Katy, email [email protected] or call 0121 608 6668.

Not ready to apply this year?

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Watch films of the previous In:Site artists and makers talking about their projects on the You Tube playlist. Here are a few examples of previous projects:

Where Next?

Artist: Francisca Onumah

Francisca was part of In:Site 2014

The artists uses a hammer to stamp metal.

Artist: Jessica Hargreaves

Jessica was part of In:Site 2015

The artist crouches over a memorial stone as she takes a casting.

Artist: Ryan Dilkes

Ry was part of In:Site 2019

The artist sits on a bench surrounded by furniture made from discarded wood.

Artist: Stefanie Cheong

Stefanie was part of In:Site 2013.

A pine cone with gold decoration on a string.


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