Women’s Maker Movement

Women’s Maker Movement

Craft : Enterprise : Friendship

In partnership with Go Woman! Alliance and Women of Worth

Community workshops led by Shelanu.

Community Project

I’ve never made jewellery before. I was surprised I could make a brooch so quickly!

Women’s Maker Movement in Birmingham is a two year programme of craft and enterprise activities involving women facing economic and social challenges. Working with 90 women across three community organisations.

Over a series of workshops women are making their own jewellery collection exploring identity and place. These creative workshops are led by Shelanu: Women’s Craft Collective.

They are also being introduced to basic business skills with inspiring talks from local enterprise start-ups. Enterprise awareness training will be delivered by iSE.

A celebration event at the end of each series of workshops will showcase women’s achievements and provide an opportunity for more people to be inspired.

We have partnered two community organisations  Go Woman! Alliance and  Women of Worth to host the first four cohorts of women. Participant places within each cohort have also been offered to Hope Projects Birmingham (who support people refused asylum). One further partner will be recruited in 2019.


The outcomes we aim to achieve are an improved sense of health and well-being, reduced isolation, social cohesion and learning. We also hope to build networks and clusters with an interest in pursuing opportunities for self-employment, collaboration and social enterprise.


Women’s Maker Movement is funded by the Women and Girls Fund through the Heart of England Community Foundation.

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Handmade milliefiori white beads with blue and green flowers.

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A member of Shelanu helps a lady to make her brooch

First cohort of workshops.

A participant lays out the design for her necklace

Second cohort of workshops.

A participant concentrates on the fixings for her jewellery

Third cohort of workshops.

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Inside a gallery a woman is performing with tools and glass, there is a large flame, other galss vesssels are filled with water.

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