Shelanu: Interlocking Stories

Shelanu: Interlocking Stories

A collection of cast silver jewellery designed and finished by Shelanu


Latch earrings in part-gold

Working with jeweller Charlotte Valkeniers
Ongoing project

A selection from this range of silver and gold-plated cast jewellery is now available to buy online.

Interlocking Stories celebrates the ethos of Shelanu; women coming together to learn new skills, collaborating and supporting each other in a safe space.

“Interlocking Stories marks a real change in Shelanu’s range of work. The new collection is striking with statement pieces that are very contemporary in design. Whilst still representing the philosophy of the collective and its social aim. We hope this range will enable us to keep growing the membership and reach of the collective.” . Emma Daker, Exhibitions and Projects Development Manager

About the range

Shelanu members were keen to develop a new, more contemporary range which would increase their design and making skills. Following research visits to Birmingham galleries and a facilitated design process, the members worked together to develop designs from ideas of balance, elements and connection. All themes were identified through conversation about work they had seen.

The imagery of the collection reflects the importance of balance in life, connection with other people and that everyone is made up of different facets and stories; much like the collective itself.

Working with…

Shelanu members were supported through the design process and construction of the range by jeweller Charlotte Valkeniers,

“I guided the members without pushing them in a certain direction. This is very much their story, their project and their collection.” Charlotte Valkeniers, artist.


The project to create Interlocking Stories has been supported by the Saintbury Trust, George Fentham Trust and Birmingham Common Good Trust.

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£67.50 (incl. p&p)


£47.50 (incl. p&p)


£147.50 (incl. p&p)

The i pad case sits on a windowsill. They are simple in design with a black and white line drawing of the skyline and red trimmings.

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A small vase: broken pieces are covered in decorative fabric and stitched back together in the original shape.

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