Bee Friendly workshop

Bee Friendly workshop

A free workshop for Key Stage 2 children

Part of our youth programme; Making For Change in Aston and Newtown.


Bee workshop, Making for Change

The workshops will use a craftivism (craft +activism) approach and will explore the dwindling bee population and why it is important to protect bees.

Free workshops

Aston and Newtown, Birmingham

June – July 2017

Look out for news about the Making for Change programme on the blog.

What will pupils do?

  • Learn some facts about bees.
  • Make a hanging bee out of metal
  • Plant some flower seeds to grow at home

What are the details?

  • Workshops can take place between now and 21st July. Arrangements are flexible. Please let us know you preferred time.
  • Workshops last 1 and 2 hours and will be led by DBS checked young artists.

The sessions could form part of a whole class lesson or be delivered to an existing creative or environmental club during the school day or after school.

If you are interested please contact myself or Sarah Lopez our youth facilitator at


Making for ChangeĀ is supported by Birmingham City Council and Arts Council England.

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